Make Your Own Hours and Be Able to Travel With These Jobs

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Work can be such a drag. Nobody was created to work a 9 to 5, five days out of the week, but for some reason, everybody puts up with it. The average American actually works more than the standard and

Two Important Tips For Making The Most Of Your Group Travel Plans

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There are numerous reasons why you might be going on a group travel trip, whether it’s a family vacation or a work function. Sometimes you may travel in a group simply because you have a group of friends that want

Vacation Rentals: How to Pick One and What to Expect

Beach Front Home

Going on a holiday usually means staying in a hotel somewhere and turning into a tourist for the duration of the vacation. Although this is a great way to enjoy a holiday – especially if you want to just relax

A Piece Of History: 3 Industrial Landmarks For Sightseers

Buckingham Palace

Tourists, even those who wouldn’t otherwise express an interest in architecture, are known for wandering the globe to explore beautiful and intriguing buildings, whether that looks like medieval churches, the great pyramids in Egypt, or even the Empire State Building.

How To Find The Right Deck Chair For Your Boating Excursion

Deck Chairs for your boat

If you are planning on buying a boat in order to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing afternoon on the lake, you’ll also need to purchase plenty of additional accessories. While most of these will be strictly to enhance your enjoyment of

What Inspires You? 4 Breathtaking Vacation Destinations

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Innovation and inspiration fuel our lives, whether we’re trying to craft a transformative business strategy, solve a persistent personal problem, or just add a little adventure to your day to day. When we’re stuck in a rut, however, none of

The Colorado Escapade

Relax Colorado

Traveling takes me to all corners of the world. There are times when I travel the least trodden path and there are times when I find myself along the thread bare paths. This time I found myself planning a trip

3 Tips for Staying Safe While Partying On Vacation


Vacation is the perfect time for you to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself a little more than usual, right? This is what the majority of travelers think. However, being out of your normal routine and in an environment you

Tips For Traveling With Children

Traveling with kids

When it comes to traveling with children, you not only have your own safety to consider, but you also need to spend time worrying about them. Just like you would prepare yourself for a foreign trip with vaccinations and a

Ways to Incorporate the Viewing of Art into Your Vacation

Le Louvre

So often, art is already ingrained into the structure of a vacation. It’s funny because you have two kinds of vacations. You have the ones where you are going, going, going, and you visit a million museums, you see all